GriffLab opens for business

Exciting times ūüöÄ

After several months’ lead-in and build-up, I’m delighted to announce that the¬†KCNI WBMG / GriffLab is¬†now officially ‘open for business’. Recruitment is now getting underway for post-docs, graduate students, and undergrads¬†(see here for more details). This ramp-up phase is being done in parallel with the KCNI computational genomics (triplab)¬†and microcircuit modelling (haylab) groups,¬†and there will be a lots of ideas, skills, and¬†research exchange between our three teams in¬†the coming months and years.¬†

A big buzz right now amongst the various KCNI teams (which currently is numbering around 20 people, and will probably double in the next year or two) is our transition in a few weeks over to the fancy new open-plan space on the top floor of 250 college street.¬†In addition¬†to¬†the stunning view of Toronto this will feature a lot of cool tech,¬†and a very modern ‘team-science’ office culture. I’ll be writing more about this here soon.¬†

Apart from the inevitable admin barrage of starting a new job, there’s plenty of exciting things happening at the moment. I outlined some of the plans and progress to date for the KCNI WBMG in my talk at the CAMH Campbell symposium 2 weeks ago. Much of this is given in summary form in the sections of this site, and will¬†of¬†course be expanded on¬†in¬†due¬†course. With my colleagues at NeurotechTO we are co-organizing a workshop in March with OBI and INCF,¬†aimed at developing exchange between academic research and¬†private companies¬†in¬†the neurotech sector. With KCNI colleagues we are¬†organizing a BrainHack in April as a satellite event¬†ahead¬†of the Canadian Neuroscience Association annual meeting, which is in Toronto this year. A few invitations have come in to exciting¬†meetings on neuroinformatics and computational neuroscience¬†later¬†in¬†the¬†year in cool places like Princeton and Barcelona,¬†which I’m sure will be very productive. Again, watch this space for updates and summaries of these and other happenings ;)¬†