JDG Lab Notebook

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The JDG LabNotebook is an online, digital lab notebook that has been used over the years as part technical blog, part project management tool, and part collaboration facilitator. Entries are generally a mix of text, code, and rich media.It has been used for both general notes and for research project documentation and collaboration, and so the site contains both open-access and password-protected + encrypted entries. Use the tags on the right hand side to list open access entries; all are welcome to peruse these and use any code goodies they find useful. If you are interested in seeing the content of any password-protected entries, get in touch.

Note that a re-vamped version of the LabNotebook is currently underway, as a lot has happened in the jupyter, open science, and open publishing world since the LabNotebook and ipynb-workdocs (the library used to generate entries from jupyter notebooks using cell tag filtering, AWS S3 bucket manipulation through boto, reveal.js, and various other jazzy bits and bobs) were first put together. The content of the entries is entirely independent of this however, and I’m sure remain useful and relevant for a long time to come.